VIMTO Cordial was first introduced to the Middle East in 1928 by the Aujan family. Vimto has been synonymous with Ramadan for nearly a century and has become a family tradition and legacy routed in the Khaleeji heritage for nearly a century. Vimto Cordial is Ramadan’s unique and irreplaceable drink of choice on the Iftar table which is prepared and consumed by families across all generations.

VIMTO Cordial success story and utmost consumer trust led to the demand of extending into a RTD (Ready To Drink) range, under both the Stills and Sparkling categories as well as Vimto Slush, all made from VIMTO Cordial original recipe and catering to all year round occasions and needs.

VIMTO portfolio is rich with different categories in the Middle East, founded on VIMTO Cordial, Vimto Ready To Drink (RTD) range under both its VIMTO Stills (Abtal) and VIMTO Sparkling (Fizzy) categories as well as Vimto Slush.



Q1. How many different VIMTO products are available for purchase in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)?

VIMTO portfolio is rich with VIMTO Cordial and Vimto Ready To Drink (RTD) range under both its Vimto Stills (Abtal) and Vimto Sparkling (Fizzy) categoriesas well as Vimto Slush, the full RTD range is made from VIMTO Cordial original recipe. VIMTO Cordial is a Fruit Cordial in a glass bottle, VIMTOAbtal is a Fruit Flavoured Drink offered in both PET bottle with a unique sports cap and Fiber Brick carton and for the first time Vimto Stills extends into Strawberry and Blue Raspberry Flavours in the PET format. While Vimto Fizzy is a Sparkling Fruit Flavoured Drink with its different Can and Glass bottle formats and Vimto Slush has a fantastic range, Vimto Original and Vimto Blue Raspberry flavours.

Q2. What ingredients go into VIMTO Cordial?

VIMTO Cordial ingredients are a secret mix of VIMTO Flavor (including Natural Extracts of Fruits, Herbs and Spices), Black Carrot and Black Currant Juice Concentrate, Pear Juice made from Concentrate, Caramel, Sugar, Water, Citric Acid and Sodium Benzoate.

Q3. Are there sweeteners in VIMTO?

VIMTO’s complete range uses onlynatural sugars (sucrose and fruit sugar), with the exception of Vimto Slush Blue Raspberry. All ingredients used in the production of the full VIMTO portfolio are clearly marked on the packaging and approved by the regulatory authorities.

Q4. Does VIMTO contain any alcohol?


Q5. Is VIMTO suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans?

All VIMTO products do not contain any animal products and as such are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Q6. Does VIMTO contain gluten?

No, all VIMTO products are gluten-free.

Q7. Does VIMTO in any package or form contain any ingredients that are carcinogenic?

No. All the ingredients and packaging used in the production of any VIMTO product are safe and are approved by the regulatory authorities for use in food and beverages. VIMTO has been the drink of choice for generations in the Middle East and millions of families enjoy the delicious and refreshing drink for nearly a century. VIMTO strives to use the best and most innovative technology and premium ingredients to ensure the same great consumer experience with implementing the highest standards of quality control and assurance each and every time a consumer enjoys the distinctive taste in any VIMTO drink from the full range.

Q8. Why is VIMTO Cordial so popular during Ramadan?

VIMTO Cordial was first introduced to the Middle East in 1928 by the Aujan family and right from the beginning it has been synonymous with Ramadan, associated with providing a rewarding boost soothing the body after a day of fasting,a delicious and refreshing thirst quenching iftar ritual. VIMTO has become a profound family tradition and legacy routed in the Khaleeji heritage for nearly a century, carving a strong bond with consumers across different ages.

Q9. Is the VIMTO sold in the Middle East different from the version in England?

The exact VIMTO recipe has remained a closely guarded secret for more than 100 years which is standard across the world. The concentration of VIMTO Cordial available in the Middle East differs from the one in the UK. VIMTO Cordial is Ramadan’s symbol of “Sweet Togetherness” ritual which is prepared and shared, not just opened. Where every mother prepares her VIMTO Cordial in a different and unique way, a tradition that a mother passes proudly to her daughters. In fact, it is this preparation experience that makes VIMTO Cordial so unique and irreplaceable at the Iftar table as opposed to any other Ramadan beverage. We also export our Vimto Cordial to the UK and other international markets.

Q10. Is it true that VIMTO is the biggest selling cordial in the GCC?

Yes, VIMTO is the number one cordial brand in the GCC.

Q11. Have you ever run out of VIMTO Cordial due to its popularity during Ramadan?

More than half of our annual VIMTO Cordial sales happen during the Ramadan season, making it the irreplaceable drink of choice on the Iftar table. Yet despite its incredible popularity during this time, the Aujan Soft Drinks Industries, the licensed manufacturer of VIMTO in the Middle East, has never had supply issues and has always been able to meet demand.