VIMTO Cordial was first introduced to the Middle East in 1928 by the Aujan family. Vimto has been synonymous with Ramadan for nearly a century and has become a family tradition and legacy routed in the Khaleeji heritage for nearly a century. Vimto Cordial is Ramadan’s unique and irreplaceable drink of choice on the Iftar table which is prepared and consumed by families across all generations.

VIMTO Cordial success story and utmost consumer trust led to the demand of extending into a RTD (Ready To Drink) range, under both the Stills and Sparkling categories as well as Vimto Slush, all made from VIMTO Cordial original recipe and catering to all year round occasions and needs.

VIMTO portfolio is rich with different categories in the Middle East, founded on VIMTO Cordial, Vimto Ready To Drink (RTD) range under both its VIMTO Stills (Abtal) and VIMTO Sparkling (Fizzy) categoriesas well as Vimto Slush.

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