Vimto fizzy
Vimto Fruit Flavour Drinks



Vimto remains hugely popular all year round, particularly with mothers and young people who value its delicious and refreshing taste. In recent years, Vimto has also become a popular ingredient for other recipes, such as smoothies, desserts, mocktails, milkshakes, ice cream and cakes.

Mixberry Goodness In a Bottle

Vimto is a distinct red fruit beverage made from a secret recipe of mixed berries. 

Sugar, Water, Blackcurrant and Raspberry, Juices, Natural Fruit Juice, Caramel Color, Citric Acid, Cola Extract, Allura Red Color.

Vimto Basboosa

• 1 large cup coconut
• 1 large cup Nido powder milk
• ½ cup sugar
• ½ cup vegetable oil
• 1 tsp baking powder
• 5 eggs
• 1 ½ sugar syrup
• Vimto Cordial

Vimto cream
Put ½ cup sugar on heat until it dissolves then add thick cream.
Add Vimto Cordial to the cream mixture.
1) Blend all ingredients in a mixer then place in a ‘Pyrex’ plate.
2) Put in oven (160º Celsius).
3) Remove when cooked & is golden in color.
4) Add cold sugar syrup to the hot basboosa
5) Pour Vimto cream evenly on top.

Vimto Cocktail

Dry Ingredients
• 1 banana
• 1 kiwi
• 5 cherries
• 5 strawberries
• 2 tbs whipped cream
• ½ pack concentrated milk
• 2 vanilla ice cream scoops
• 1 small cup Vimto Cordial
1) Peel banana & kiwi.
2) Blend fruits and Vimto Cordial with ice cream, concentrated milk and whipped cream in a blender.
3) Pour in serving glasses & serve cold.

Vimto Semolina Halwa

• 200 g sugar
• 400 ml boiled water
• 200 g margarine
• 200 g semolina
• 20 g milled well and roasted cashew
• 10 g raisins
• 1 tsp cinnamon powder
• ½ cup Vimto Cordial
1) Dissolve sugar in hot water and keep to one side.
2) Heat margarine in a pan and add the semolina then roast it slowly until it becomes golden color to get fried semolina flavor.
3) Add sugar, water and Vimto Cordial then cook the mixture for 2-3 minutes and keep stirring until it becomes thick and flows in pan.
4) Take it out from the pan and serve in bowls.
Garnish the cake with remaining ingredients.