Vimto fizzy
Vimto Fruit Flavour Drinks


The enjoyable taste of VIMTO Fizzy

VIMTO Fizzy was first launched in 1973 in the UK by the Nichols family and it was imported by the Aujan family to the region in 1975, to be one of the first brands available in the local market as a ready to drink sparkling fruit flavoured drink.

By 1980 Aujan started bottling the range in 250 ml cans format in their brand new on-shore facility in Dammam; KSA and later in 2014 this range was extended into the 330 ml glass bottle produced in the other production plant in Dubai; UAE.

VIMTO Fizzy is a contemporary version of VIMTO Cordial in a modern format offering and it is made from the original recipe of VIMTO cordial.