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Vimto Fruit Flavour Drinks


In 1908, Mr. John Noel Nichols has first invented the drink through adding certain amounts of fruits mainly berries, herbs and spices resulting in VIMTO’s distinctive and refreshing flavour. Mr. Nichols started producing and selling the new product in the city of Manchester in the United Kingdom, and then spread the product with the expansion of trade and sailors from China to India, Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

The Aujan family started bringing VIMTO to the Gulf region in 1928 for the first time and the product entered the markets of Bahrain, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, United Arab Emirates and Oman.

One generation after another the Aujan and Nichols families continued developing the delicious and refreshing drink to the markets of the Gulf, until 1978 where VIMTO started to be produced in Dammam (KSA) in Aujan’s factory which was one of the first beverage production plants in the region.

And one consumer generation over another VIMTO Cordial became synonymous with Ramadan, a thirst quenching iftar ritual associated with providing a rewarding boost soothing the body after a day of fasting which has become the unique and irreplaceable drink of choice on the iftar table, and it is prepared and consumed by families across all generations.

VIMTO Cordial success story and utmost consumer trust led to the demand of extending into a RTD (Ready To Drink) range, together with the strong partnership of Aujan and Nichols which succeeded in creating numerous varieties of VIMTO Stills and Sparkling ready to drink range as well as Vimto Slush, all made from VIMTO Cordial original recipe and catering to all year round occasions and needs.
Vimto Amazing Facts
  • VIMTO has been in the market for more than a century, invented 110 years ago
  • This year in 2018 VIMTO Cordial celebrates its 92nd Ramadan season within the MENA region
  • The Gulf region is considered to be the first global market outside the UK
  • VIMTO was first produced in Aujan’s Dammam production plant back in 1978
  • MENA is the biggest VIMTO Cordial market if clubbed together
  • GCC markets such as KSA, Kuwait, UAE and Oman, in addition to Iraq are among the biggest in the world
  • More than 25 million VIMTO Cordial bottles were sold in 2017