Vimto fizzy
Vimto Fruit Flavour Drinks


In 1908, the late Mr. John Nichols has first invented the drink through adding certain amounts of the berries and herbs with distinctive and refreshing flavour. Mr. Nichols started selling and producing the new product in the city of Manchester in the United Kingdom, and then spread the product with the expansion of trade and sailors from China to India and the Arabian Gulf and Africa.

And in 1927 the first generation of traders in Aujan family started  bringing Vimto to the Gulf region for the first time and the product entered the markets of Bahrain, Kuwait,  Ahsa,  Al-Zubair, Basra and the coast of Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi markets, Dubai and Sharjah until Muscat and Salalah.

And the generations of Aujan and Nichols continued distributing the tastey drink to the markets of the Gulf until 1978 where the product started to be produced in the city of Dammam factory which was one of the first beverage production plants in the region.

In 1982 Aujan started  announcing Vimto drink in Ramadan until it became the first drink in the Middle East at the Iftar table. The success story of the product does not end Vimto Cordial only where the partnership of Aujan abd Nichols succeeded creating numerous varieties of Vimto that are suitable for many occasions throughout the year.
Things you didn't know about Vimto
  • Vimto has been on the market for 104 years.
  • Vimto has enjoyed over 80 Ramadan celebrations within the Middle East region.
  • More than 31 million bottles of Vimto cordial were sold in the Middle East in 2011.
  • Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE were the top three Biggest drinkers of Vimto.
  • The gulf region is considered the first globally after the UK market.