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Q1. How many different VIMTO products are available for purchase in the Middle East? 
A. Currently, VIMTO is available as a cordial in a glass bottle; a canned carbonated soft drink; a light canned carbonated soft drink; a juice drink in a sports cap bottle; and in fibre brick formats. 
Q2. What ingredients go into VIMTO? 
A. The VIMTO recipe is a secret mix of three natural fruits - grape, blackcurrant and raspberry - along with a blend of 23 fruit essences, herbs and spices. 
Q3. Is VIMTO suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans? 
A. VIMTO beverage products do not contain any animal products and as such are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 
Q4. Does VIMTO contain gluten?
A. VIMTO is classed as gluten-free.
Q5. Are there sweeteners in VIMTO?
A. VIMTO cordial and VIMTO Juice Drink use only sucrose, while VIMTO Carbonated Light uses approved sweeteners. All ingredients used in the production of VIMTO are clearly marked on the packaging, and approved by the regulatory authorities for use in soft drinks. 
Q6. Does VIMTO contain trace amounts of alcohol?
A. VIMTO does not contain any alcohol.
Q7. Why is VIMTO Cordial so popular during Ramadan?
A. VIMTO cordial was first introduced to the Middle East in the 1920s and, right from the beginning, was associated with providing an energy boost while retaining a delicious and refreshing taste. These qualities made it a perfect drink for soothing the body after a day of fasting and, consequently, VIMTO has been synonymous with Ramadan ever since. It has become part of Arab heritage and Ramadan tradition.
Q8. Have you ever run out of VIMTO Cordial due to its popularity during Ramadan?
A. More than half of our annual VIMTO Cordial sales happen during the Ramadan period, making it the drink of choice during the Holy Month. Yet despite its incredible popularity during this time, the Aujan Coca-Cola Beverages Company, the licensed manufacturer of VIMTO in the Middle East, has never had supply issues and has always been able to meet demand.
Q9. Is it true that VIMTO is the biggest selling cordial in the GCC?
A. Yes, VIMTO is the number one cordial brand in the GCC.
Q10. Which country is the biggest consumer of VIMTO cordial in the world?
A. Saudi Arabia is second only to UK when it comes to annual VIMTO cordial volumes, with close to 17 million bottles of the concentrated drink purchased each year. This is not to mention the rest of the range.
Q11. Are VIMTO products produced by The Coca-Cola Company?
A. The licensed brand VIMTO will remain with the Aujan-managed bottling and distribution company: Aujan Coca-Cola Beverages Company.
Q13. Does Vimto in any package or form contain any ingredients that are carcinogenic?
A. No. All the ingredients and packaging used in the production of VIMTO are safe and are approved for use for food and beverages. VIMTO has been the drink of choice for generations in the Middle East and millions of families enjoy the refreshing drink every year. The manufacturer maintains the highest standards of quality control and assurance to ensure the same great experience each and every time a consumer enjoys any drink from the VIMTO range.
Q14: Does the Allura Red colouring in VIMTO cause cancer?
A: No. Allura Red is a very common colouring ingredient used by the food and beverage industry, and a small amount is used in the formulation of VIMTO. Several leading scientific laboratories in the US and Europe have concluded that there is no relationship between Allura Red and cancer. The most conclusive study was conducted by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in 2009. The study can be downloaded from the EFSA website:
Q15. Wasn't there a quality issue involving the ready to drink juice VIMTO 250ml PET Sports Cap in 2012?
A. Due to an isolated manufacturing problem, a small batch of VIMTO drink 250ml PET (small plastic bottle with sports cap) products developed an anomaly which affected the taste and consistency of the drink. As a precautionary measure, the batch was recalled by the manufacturer. Extensive laboratory testing confirmed that the affected products posed no harm to consumers, and the 250ml PET (with sports cap) product was quickly back on shelves following approvals by the relevant health authorities and municipalities.
Q16. Is the VIMTO sold in the Middle East different from the UK version? 
A. The exact VIMTO recipe has remained a closely guarded secret for more than 100 years which is standard across the world. The concentration of VIMTO cordial that is available in the Middle East differs from the one in UK. VIMTO Cordial complements the Iftar (the evening meal when Muslim's break their fast) table, and each family or mother will have their own secret recipe on how to prepare and serve VIMTO. In fact, it is this preparation experience that makes the VIMTO Cordial drink so unique at the Iftar table as opposed to any other ready to drink beverage.