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Halfway through Ramadan...
Written by Nadya Hasan on Saturday 2, July

I can’t believe we are halfway through Ramadan. I know how it gets at first, it’s super slow and the day kind of drags on, but as soon as night falls the time passes and it’s almost time to fast again! Isn’t that weird? Or are we just having way too much fun and not doing what we are meant to be doing during the holy month, which is to worship. I may not be the best example in religious matters, but when Ramadan comes around I truly try my best to be a better person, a more holistic person, but why don’t we all do it according to the books?
Now this question came up in conversation by a Christian friend of mine who asked me about Ramadan and asked me a question where most of us seem to not really think about and is one of the main reasons why we fast, he asked me “Why do you waste so much food?”! This question wasn’t only dedicated to the countless houses that extend their invitation to their families and friends every weekend or every other day, this question was also aimed at the countless hotels, tents and Ramadan buffets that host ridiculous amounts of people and charge them ridiculous amounts of money for food that could possibly feed an entire village only to throw the left overs away in the trash. Isn’t that against the idea of Ramadan and fasting? We all claim that we are giving to charity, we are worshiping and being that good Muslim that we are meant to be when in reality we are making the biggest sin of all “Israf” which means waste in English.
As I prepare myself for the endless iftar gatherings that are coming up in the next 2 weeks, I also invite my friends over for iftar at our home. But my sister and I decided not to go for iftar, just because we Arabs don’t really know how to serve the right amount of food and tend to go all out and rather just have a small gathering for suhoor, it’s less of a hassle in terms of what to cook and how much to cook. But more of a lets have small bites and play cards.
Although we have a good 2 weeks of Ramadan left but I’m starting to have withdrawals and really hoping it won’t end anytime soon. I still want to have dinners with family for no reason, go out for tent gatherings, listen to my friends fight over who won the last game of tarneeb and of course all the Vimto that I can possibly have. (not that that’s going to end).