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The Month of Peace
Written by Nadya Hassan on Wednesday 8, June
To many, Ramadan is a month of serenity and peace. It’s where we sit back and self-reflect on where we are in life, who we are and where we want to be. For me it’s a time that I truly connect with myself in a more spiritual and holistic way that I wouldn't be able to do for most of the year. I relax and try not to do so much just so that I can focus on myself.

A big part of this is the time that I spend with my family. Every night we gather, we talk about things that are much deeper than just the shallow parts of life like materialistic things. Although we talk about goals and ambitions a lot, this is when we take the time to actually listen (a big part of it is because you’re stuck and can’t run) but also that you choose to spend this time to talk in a much more deeper way.   

The conversations we have over our dinner table has to be one of the most fulfilling moments for me. Just because we all lay it out there and take the time to listen, advise and speak up.
What do you talk about when you’re having your iftar?