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​Our Beloved Ramadan
Written by Tamara on Monday 13, June

Ramadan. The special time I look forward to the most every single year. My mother Allahyerhamha, used to tell me, "Tamara, in a whole year that God blesses you, He asks only one month from you."

That resonated with me my whole life. Ramadan: Giving back.

It is during our most uncomfortable moments, that sharing matters the most. Fasting, pushes us to our limits, and helps us discover that we have the potential to be more disciplined, patient and kind. In fact, it helps us become a better version of ourselves by forcing a self-awareness upon our thoughts, words and actions. 

It is during Ramadan, that charity, volunteering and all forms of kindness are encouraged and practised daily. The energy of giving is both infectious and beautiful, with everyone, including non-muslims joyfully jumping on the bandwagon of charity during Ramadan. A surge of generosity, empathy and open heart spreads warmly across communities in the spirit of Holy Ramadan.
Here are some pictures of my most treasured Ramadan memories, volunteering with people from all walks of life, origins, and faiths for the same united purpose of sharing. 




That is why it is only fitting, that the unsung heroes of Ramadan that give their all to others, be celebrated. Thank you Vimto for honouring the members of our community this coming Ramadan, who push their limits and sacrifice for the sake of others. 

Let us spare a thought for all our silent heroes that do not come home for Iftar due to their sense of duty.
Let us thank the police officers, doctors, firemen, pilots, all our brothers and sisters that serve our community with interest of others at heart.

Nominate the person that you think deserves a special Vimto Iftar and you could WIN a limited edition 22 Carat gold pendant, plus the knowledge you made someone’s Ramadan truly special.

Step 1. Head to Vimto Ramadan Page
Step 2. Nominate your hero by submitting the reason why he/she is your hero

Vimto willl pick a winner every single day during Ramadan (30 winners! yayyyy!)  and will also gift the voter with gold and an iftar!

Isnt this turning out to be the most splendid Ramadan ever? I am soooooo excited!! Who will you be voting for?! I have already made my list!

Lots of love
Tamara xx