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Come Together
Written by Nadya Hassan on Monday 23, May

s almost that time again, a time of family, worship and plenty of downtime. I always look forward to Ramadan just because it’s a time I can’t help but spend it with my family, friends and loved ones. But all of the above won’t be complete without one traditional ingredient which is Vimto. It really does bring everyone closer during this month.
I love working with Vimto because it feels natural. It’s a brand I grew up with throughout the years and I could never picture having iftar with the family without having a bottle of Vimto in sight.
Vimto acknowledges the feeling of  separation and it aims to make a change and keep everyone closer to their estranged loved ones. I think most of all would be those who live away from home, so many of us travel a lot, live in a different city or country because of work or school. All I can say is during the month of Ramdhan, we miss those we love and look forward to moms home cooking, family and Ramdahan traditions (which in our house like many would be the Vimto drink)
So this Ramdhan, I encourage you to share your Vimto moments with us and tell us what you love the most about being home with the family! #ComeTogether