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Tamara’s Vimto Ice Lollies!
Written by Tamara on Monday 4, July

So, we’ve established our love and loyalty for Vimto, but how far does that love go?

Vimto was surprisingly invented in Manchester in 1908.  At first, it was marketed as a ‘health tonic’, and soon rebranded as a syrup once the public realised Vimto didn’t cure anything.

For some of us, regardless of its inability to cure ailments, the syrup knows no bounds. Oh no. Not for me anyway.

I recently had a little get away to the Per Aquum – Layali Royal Villa at the Desert Palm Resort. Kitted out in my summer gear with floating water lilo’s on hand , I was ready for my weekend of sun, pool and relaxahseeyoh (‘relaxation’ in a French accent). Then, it struck me. I had forgotten my Vimto.

For heavens sake. (eye roll) 

Out in the middle of Al Khail, with no supermarket to order from. I kindly asked my good friend Zahra if she would be so kind to ask her friend to drop some off please. I was too embarrassed to ask concierge